Thursday, September 6, 2012

judged or not interested?

i saw a post on facebook this morning from a professing christian with one of those mega-rockband-wanna-be churches, only they rock for god not man (yeah, they don't play for man).  anyway, it was basically a plea for people to come to their church, because, surprise of all surprises, it's not like all those other judgmental churches they think everyone grew up in.  Basically it said, come to our church and have fun, wear any clothes you want, and we will accept you no matter what.  we have a cool band, so you can hear some head-bangin loud-as-hell music first thing sunday morning.  (HOW is that peaceful???)  only our music has words about god, even though you can't hear the lyrics because we shout and scream so loud (we have to keep up with those heavy metal sinners, you know, so we can keep drawing people in here).  we even dress cool and talk cool.  cool any way you look at it.  come on to our church and you can be cool too.  Cool with Jesus.

ok i got off the point.  my point is that they think people don't come to their churches because they've been judged harshly in their childhood churches and now reject everything god.  for me, i never went to church growing up and if i feel as if i'm being judged, i'll just leave that place and go somewhere else.  i'm just me and don't want to follow someone else's idea of who they think i should be.  i like to be free.  can't be caged.

truth is, i just plain don't like most christian churches, and believe me, I've been to almost every christian denomination I could find: Assemblies of God, Hand-Clapping Presbyterian, Non-Hand-Clapping Presbyterian, Catholic (Regular and Roman), non-denominational, Baptist (all flavors), Mennonite (which is not Protestant, but Anabaptist, like the Amish), Charity (also Anabaptist, but a little looser), Full Gospel, Pentecostal (a few different levels of those), Cool Rock and Roll Churches, Cowboy Churches (ok, I didn't go to the cowboy church, but I SAW it!  It takes place in a big barn), and too many more to name.

it's either boring as hell, or, if i go to a cool church, i have a migraine for two days (they just haven't figured out how to work those amps right and the sound is always fuzzy, static-y and just loud, loud, loud noise).  and, it's the same, same, same message over and over and over and over.  most mainstream christian churches never really have a new message or anything new to offer -- they just constantly repackage for a new feel or a new look.  same message, new package.  nothing new under the sun, just some cool new clothes and some rockstar wanna-be's.  give me steven tyler or robert plant over them any day -- they're much more inspiring.  i might even get up early on sunday then.

Disclaimer: I don't mean any disrespect for those that enjoy these churches, i just don't prefer them.  But if that's your thing, then that's great.  Different folks, different strokes.  :)


  1. Jimi Ann, thanks for stopping by my site today. I so understand your post...I have been like that for the last 15 years. Most churches I had been in seemed to be more about making sure I put something in the collection plate, politics, or who had the newest style on. I had been totally turned off. Recently, my son (16 yrs. old) was invited to a Baptist Church. He went several weeks in a row and each time returned full of excitement. Then my daughter went, and then my husband. Each time, they were all full of excitement. Of course, after 2 months of this, I couldn't help but attend myself. I now know why they enjoyed it so much. It's a very small church, with real singing to real music (nothing pre-taped), and a highly motivated preacher. I'm happy that we have finally found a place that feels welcoming and non-judgmental.
    I guess my point is, maybe at some point in your life you may find a place that you feel comfortable in and decide to go and stay. God Bless and have a great weekend!

    1. That's wonderful, Mary. Yes, it is very comforting when we find a place where we feel we belong. I have been there numerous times! Problem is I grow, and then naturally move on. So it's a good thing -- if I stay in the same place, spiritually speaking, I become stagnant. Thank you for such an inspiring reply!

  2. Is it us, JimiAnn or does it seem harder to fit in any longer? I think my faith in a God of love is stronger now than it has been at any other point in my life, and yet I find it harder to feel at home in a Church!

    1. Me too, Corinne. I think the more we grow spiritually, the less organized-by-other-people things we need. For me, the more I'm authentic to my inner calling, the less need I have for outside control. I hope that makes sense to you. In other words, I want to follow my own calling, not someone else's idea of what they think my calling should be.

  3. Hi Jimi Ann,
    I didn't grow up religious nor did I go to church. I enjoy church when it is peaceful, loving and has a good message.

    It seems more and more people are moving away from religion and towards spirituality. This is a normal progression in life and many churches are doing whatever they can to keep people coming back and getting new recruits.

    One Catholic Church in my area has a coffee bar. They sell coffee, donuts, pizza, sandwiches, cupcakes, wraps and more. It is very non traditional but this church is packed during all three masses on Sunday.

    Take Care.